About Us

My name is Philip Harris, and I've been helping people build their health for over 20 years, including my own. And I created this website to help you as well.

I started with my own health because I wasn't well, and wasn't getting the results I wanted from the standard medical practices here in the U.S. So I had to figure it out. 

It's incredible how much information is out there when you start looking. It really can be overwhelming. The diets, exercise systems, all of it. There's way more now than when I first started looking thirty years ago or so.

But a few key principles emerged through my own journey back to health that can really help you improve your health. 

If you fold some of the principles and ideas laid out into your own life, you can't help but have better health. The more you do, the better your health will be. I did the work, and you get the benefit!

I am also the owner of LifeBuild Health Formula’s, a natural products company that focuses for now on herbal and nutritional supplements. I'm a firm believer in supplements to help build health, especially now. So if you have time, take a look over there.

Throughout the website, I’ll also do my best to separate fact from fiction and fad, and myth from reality. And I’ll give you practical tips as well as deeper understandings that challenge convention to help you create the best health possible. 

There’s nothing more important than your health. It affects everything. The quality and the length of your life depends on the quality of your health. Better health means a better, longer and more productive life. Oh, and by the way, a happier life. Studies prove it.

But you don’t need a study to know you will get more out of life if you don’t have arthritis, or diabetes, or heart disease, or any one of a number of degenerative diseases. And that when everything's working right, life's a pleasure.

I’ll show you how.

Short Personal Bio

  • Certified Herbalist since 1998. Apprenticed with Master Herbalist for 2 years
  • 30+years health and fitness researcher and writer
  • former Certified Personal Trainer for national health club chain
  • former Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
  • Professional Nutrition Consultant
  • Created LifeBuild Health LLC in 1999.
  • Product developer and formulator of herbal and nutritional supplements under the brand LifeBuild Health Formulas.