The Biggest Health
Mistake You Can Make

There’s a lot of mistakes we make in life. We didn’t make that investment that ended up making a lot of money for someone else that did make the investment. Or we didn’t take that trip of a lifetime we always wanted to take, just never ended up getting around to it.

And we’ve regretted it ever since.

But the biggest mistake of them all is that we take our health for granted.

No question, that can be the biggest mistake we could ever make because the potential consequences can be severe, and even life threatening.

I understand, though. It would be so much easier to ‘get it’ if the consequences of what we do on a daily basis were more immediate.

In a way, it might actually be better if we had a kind of health hangover after having a greasy hamburger, fries and soda from that fast food joint. If we woke up the next day with a nasty headache and flu-like symptoms for a few days, THEN we would get it!

Obviously, as unhealthy as they can be, it takes more than a single fast food burger and fries to completely sabotage your health. The point is this: what you do today matters. That's why the tag line for this site is 'make today your day for health.' And when you consider that your body makes 10 million new cells every second of every day, you want to make sure you feed it the good stuff. That's how you can beat disease.

"Five years from now you will surely arrive.
The question is....where?

                                         Jim Rohn

The downward slide from good health to poor health is slow. So slow that, moment to moment, we don’t see it. It’s under the radar of our awareness.  

Degeneration of the body can take years. Be it the cardiovascular system, the immune system, skeletal system, or any other system. But the signs are there. And they effect not just our future, but our everyday lives.

Being out of breath with even a short flight of stairs. Or waking up with achy joints that eventually don’t go away. Or low energy at work, or for the family after dinner. Or the memory that ‘isn’t what it used to be.’ Or we’re just feeling old. The signs are there.

Gaze Into the Future

A real eyeopener is when we take a look at a few key health statistics. They can serve as a glimpse into our potential future.

And if you live in America and eat the Standard American Diet, and live the Standard American Lifestyle, or SAD/SAL for short, the statistics are YOUR potential future. I say potential, because nothing is written in stone. Yet.   

It’s easy to see health statistics as simply numbers, not people. But they really are representative of everyday folks; people like you, me, and your neighbors across the street. We're in them. You're in them. 

And while we can rebound from that investment not made, and we can live without taking that dream trip even though we might have regrets, we may not rebound so well from a health crisis. So it's far better to try to prevent it than wait for it to happen.

Someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds in America, and most don’t see it coming. But they might have if they had of looked at their lifestyle and diet along the way.  

A heart attack, cancer diagnoses, diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis. These events will radically alter the course of your life.

So I’m hopeful that you start picking up on the little daily signs that are hidden under a veil of ‘normal’ and seeing them for what they could be telling you. And then doing something about it. The awareness is great. But the action that follows is even better.

The next biggest mistake is not doing anything about it.